Top Notch Training

Kenny Johnson - Owner

Specialty: Sports Performance

Kenny Johnson is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Sports Performance Specialist, with Top Notch Training. As a Former Collegiate Athlete, he understands the knowledge, intensity, and accountability it takes to achieve one’s goals. He has been working with athletes since 2013 and has been training since 2015. Changing the lives of hundreds of clients, one body at a time. His energy and enthusiasm is enough to motivate anyone once they commit to the first exercise of Top Notch Training. Which is walking in and getting started, so let’s make a commitment to ourselves by committing to our health!

Group Fitness
Sports Performance
Speed and Agility Training
Strength Training

Erick Seitz - Owner

Specialty: Fitness Nutrition
Erick Seitz is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, with Top Notch Training. He has had a passion for working out, providing quality customer service, and helping people of all walks of life get in the best shape of their lives, for years now. Let him, help you! He has been made fun of for being short and overweight, then made fun of for being tall and skinny. He has battled with club feet his entire life and needed physical therapy to be able to walk as well. He knows what it takes to get you to your fitness goals, and beyond, because he has been there!
Posture Correction
Injury Rehabilitation
Body Building
Strength Training
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